VEX HC (AUS) - 'Bite Back' NZ Tour - Wellington @ Bone Face Tavern R18
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VEX HC (AUS) - 'Bite Back' NZ Tour - Wellington @ Bone Face Tavern R18

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VEX HC (AUS) - 'Bite Back' NZ Tour - Wellington


No Life (Palmerston North/Christchurch)

Starving Millions



March 2nd | Boneface Tavern  R18

Doors 8PM | First Band 8:30PM

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In their debut 12 months, Vex packed out sweaty venues, racked up hundreds of thousands of streams and built themselves a loyal following both domestic and abroad - The Self Made EP was dropped December 2022 with the sophomore release 'Bite Back' in December 23'.

"Bite Back was written at the end of last Summer by all 5 of us in a lounge room trying to escape the heat. The air conditioning was pumping and everything just landed in place. By the end of the week we had the shell of what would become the next chapter of Vex - A slight departure from where the band began but something we were very proud of and a body of music that feels like we found what this band is. Engineered and produced in house by Stove Reid over some late night recording sessions and sent off to the master Kye Blomely for Mixing & Mastering."

The outfit blends the sounds of Kublai Khan, Knocked Loose and Trapped Under Ice, with a focus on community - Music should have no barrier for entry.

2024 will see the band reach remote corners of Australia and begin to dip its toes into the international touring circuit -New Zealand!